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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  May 3, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. wildfire erupts in san jose coming dangerously close to homes and concerned neighbors watch firefighters fight the flames. >> dan: this fire burned through a large field near eastridge mall. >> the fire has been contained for hours now but there is strong smell of smoke in the air. firefighters will be on the scene all night to make sure nothing reig nice. >> we looked down over the brush fire that burned more than 30 acres just across the street
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from the mall. >> as you know parts of the bay area, we're at a red flag warning. the weather conditions are almost extreme and this fire was spreading rapidly when fire crews arrived. >> a crowd gathered to see what was happening as the flames spread came close to a mobile home park. >> my mom lives in the first corner and i saw the cloud of smoke and it's about ten feet away from the fence line right there. i started watering down the mobile homes. it was scary. >> reporter: two people were treated for smoke inhalation but there were no other injuries and no other structures caught fire. >> we have fires here every year and usually multiple fires in a year. >> his happened three times last year. in a way i'm glad it is over. >> you heard the fire captain say this fire spread very quickly. that is what happens when it is
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this dry outside. the best thing people can do is call 911 at the earliest sign of smoke. >> our record heat has been a major factor in the fires and less than an hour from another red flag warning. let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> that red flag warning is going up for north bay hills in about an hour. let's show you live doppler 7-hd it is clear outside right now with the exception of a patch of clouds around half moon bay. red flag warning for north bay mountains until saturday 3:00 p.m. humidity is going to be 15-30% range. wind gusts up to 40-50 miles an hour but they are expected to pick up. you can see a view from san francisco. record highs, 92, 86 in oakland. mountain view with a record at 80 and santa cruz was 92
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degrees. some big time changes are coming for your weekend. i'll be back with the details. >> dan: happening now in southern california a major fire in ventura county tripled in size today. it's burned 43 square miles so far, an area as big as san francisco no homes have been destroyed but 15 have been damaged. fire is 20% contained. firefighters believe it might take more than a week to bring it completely under control. 900 firefighters on the line. fire has moved toward the ocean. flames jumped the pacific coast highway. >> nearly a dozen bay area strike teams are in southern california or on their way to lend a hand. counties participate in a system they give aid to a county that is overwhelmed. >> the dryness and temperature
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and humidity and wind, all of those things play major factors in our success. mother nature is really who controls our success. >> nearly 250 men and women are pitching in from the bay area. >> also north, a fire is 20% contained tonight. it has burned more than 6600 acres, this is in a remote area. more tha 200 firefighters are on the line. now, here in the bay area, another local fire broke out in hillsborough earlier this evening shortly before 5:00. the fire broke out in the back of a house on black mountain drive. everybody got out safely. flames damaged a house nextdoor and embers called small spot fires. a stunning development in the 49ers bid for superbowl 50 now appears to be a loss because of a fumble by the competing
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city miami. alan wang is live at the new stadium under construction. >> santa clara is this close to hosting superbowl 50 and the city's mayor can almost taste the champagne. >> the confidence is flowing but they are not popping champagne corks yesterday. >> i have taken the foil off the cork and started a twist. i have not put my thumbs on the bottom of it but hopefully after the 21 i will have good reason to do so. >> that is when they vote for superbowl 50. the new stadium is under construction but the odds for santa clara got better after the only competitor miami dropped the ball. at the end of the session today the florida state legislature failed to vote on an n.f.l. request of $350 million in renovations to the stadium. south florida superbowl bid
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chairman tweeted, i'm optimistic by nature but talk about fourth down on the four-yard line with four seconds to go. >> i wouldn't count florida out. they have had ten superbowls. it's a long time between now and when the owners take a vote. >> something is clearly in the driver's seat to host the championship. some local fans think it is just the beginning. >> i think if we have one superbowl here, we're going to have many, many more here. people fall in love with the place. >> there is still an outside chance that miami could get private funding, n.f.l. financing or the state could call a special session and vote on the renovations. thanks very much. >> alameda police have a man in custody tonight charged with a bizarre series of attacks as well as an attempted bank robbery at shopping center. it all unfolded late this
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afternoon. here is sergio quintana. >> police say two men drove to this chase bank and one woman got cash but when he went back to the car he and his buddies started fighting. >> the subject in the front passenger seat pulled out a knife and stabs the driver. it was the victim. >> they say the man with the knife hopped out of the car and ran off. witnesses went over to the victim and called 911, but the story doesn't end here. police say the suspect then ran all the way back over to the chase bank and he demanded championship from a teller. she refused so the knife-wielding robber demanded money from the customer. >> he held the knife to the back of his neck. customer proceeded to hand over money and then a fight en shuid. >> broken furniture marks where the fight happened.
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the man with a knife tried to get away but police responding to the earlier call was able to catch him quickly. he was taken for injuries he suffered to the hospital. now, he is facing charges. >> in alameda, sergio quintana, "abc 7 news." customers at a department store cafe in san francisco may have been exposed to typhoid fever. an employee in stonestown galleria tested positive and he was working at the cafe while he was ill. if you ate there and developed flu-like symptoms or a rash you need to see a doctor. >> coming up, a man set free after 22 years in prison. wrongly convicted and given nothing to help get him back on the feet. why has the state yet to give him anything for a life furnished so upside-down. >> and you got to see this.
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from time to time we do stories about people that have been wrongly convicted of crimes that served time and released.
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>> what happens next? wayne freedman follows up on one search story with a bitter sweet ending. >> that is my girl. >> you are looking at one man's version of heaven on earth. fresh air, a loving fiance who is five months pregnant. he has much to live for. >> a new life. >> it's a long way from where he has been and further still from the convicted killer that society made him out to be. >> right there is me. >> it was a drug deal gone bad, a murder in san francisco's project in 1990. a witness behind the window she saw him holding the shotgun. that sent him to state prison for 27 years even as he defended his innocence. >> all i think about how i was
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going to get myself out. i was going to fight to come home. >> now, maybe you remember the day when he went free after 22 years in prison. the judge had ordered a second trial due to an incomplete defense, a technicality but the retrial never happened because of lost evidence and that eyewitness had died. >> i got out that day with hope, were excitement. >> now? >> now, i just -- my life, i hope it get better. >> the world he returned to at 44 years old had changed from the one he knew. he emerged the prison with no modern skills and back injury that keeps him from working. he has become more adapted to life behind bars than life in society. >> i'm not angry. i'm like devastated. >> his lawyer works on such
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cases for the northern california innocence project. she has heard such complaints time and again. >> i will get nothing. they haven't gave me nothing. >> no counseling, they don't get housing. >> not a phone number, not a direction, nothing. >> you get an apology? >> you don't get an apology. you don't get nothing. >> the state gives money for those wrongfully imprisoned, hundred dollars a day. that could total more than $700,000 but there is a catch. the process takes years. he must appear before a state board. he must prove his innocence. the problem is, the judge who released maurice never dealt with that. >> it's unfair to for so many reasons. it's unfair because he has been so wronged and state has conceded they can't prove him guilty. >> system as it stands does have
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defenders. among them his original prosecutor who still believes that he committed the crime even though another man has confessed. >> i think he ought to count himself lucky he got a break he did. i really don't think the taxpayers need to give him a bunch on money on top of it. >> the d.a. will never admit that they did a wrong when they know they were wrong. >> two wears out of prison and this is his postscript. a man on welfare and in limbo and still relishing every simple pleasure. a guy spends a lot of time on couch watching crime dramas. in sacramento, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." solar powered airplane should finish the first leg of
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the cross-country journey in less than an hour. it took off in mountain view to phoenix. first plane that can fly completely without fuel. solar cells on the wings power the plane day or night. the plane will eventually make its way to new york. big thank yous to everyone no has liked us on facebook. we are marking a milestone today. more than 100,000 likes on we would love it to get the most interesting days right on your facebook news feed. >> time to get a check on the changing forecast. >> you are going to notice the changes in the form of much cooler weather as we hit the weekend. live doppler 7-hd showing you clear skies across the bay area except for some patchy fog around half moon bay. there is certainly fog just southwest of monterey. this is going to really play a
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role in cooling us off over the weekend. here is view from exploratorium camera, a beautiful view of san francisco. 61 degrees in san francisco. pretty mild. san jose in the 60s. oakland is at 65. cool 48 in half moon bay. 57 in santa cruz. you can see visibility is still good right now. santa rosa, 60 degrees. 69 in livermore and 63 in los gatos. here is a look what is coming. we are basically looking at the fire danger to remain high in the north bay hills. red flag warnings are going beginning at midnight until 3:00 p.m. saturday afternoon. a few showers are possible on sunday. not enough to wash out your plans but i thought i would warn you. tomorrow morning, a wide range of temperatures. will hang on to some of the mild conditions tomorrow morning. 50s and 60 but patchy fog and 45
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degrees in the morning in half moon bay. saturday morning, starting out fine, doesn't look like any problems but watch what happens as we head into sunday. this area of low pressure starts to back off towards the west and fog really begins to develop. cloud cover, could even see a few drops around here sunday morning and again later on sunday afternoon. much cooler weather is coming as we head into your monday as well as the flow. the wind flow is more off the ocean. it's bringing the cooler air towards the bay area and you will feel the difference. if you don't like the heat we've had two days of record it's all going away. south bay temperatures, 82 and 68 in santa cruz. you will see the run of the fog there on the peninsula and 81 in mountain view. 65 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 70 degrees. 63 in daly city. mid-80s for santa rosa and napa.
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east bay, mild day, 77 in oakland, 80 in union city. inland communities, 87 in livermore. 87 in walnut creek, sun will be shining not quite as hot as it was today. if you are planning to go to mountain view for a-la-carte and art, it's it will be sunny and temperatures will be warming up in mid-70s. then cooling off by 6:00 p.m. cinco de mayo festivities as well and slight chance of a few showers, sunday, monday and by sunday only mid 50s to mid-70s. temperatures start to rebound thursday into friday. we have a great weather resource for you to follow on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. a lot of bay area sports action tonight.
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good evening, vancouver, game two for sharks, they tied the game final minute and then win in over time. andrew the facial on james sheppard. joe thorton falling to the ice somehow knocks it home. 1-0 sharks. to the third, we are tied at one j pal pal. he second and late third.
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and scramble in front and patric marleau ties it. brent burns feeding the torres. game over. drive home safely. 3-2 sharks and they take lead with game three coming up in san jose. three-game series with dodgers. clayton kershaw on metallica night. the national anthem. scoreless, and barry zito, kershaw scores and only run zito allowed. he had a no-hitter in the sixth, marco scutaro the triple valley and 1-1 and to the bottom of the ninth, buster ends it. off of ronald belasario.
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walk-off homer. giants win 2-1. a's starting a ten game road trip. first pitch of the game, gone! adam rosales, deep to left. his first of the year, 17-0 a's in a flash. still 1-0 and base hit to left. he makes it 2-0 athletics. a.j. griffin, struck out four. strikes out edwardo on 22nd save. a's win it 2-0. >> floyd mayweather and robert guero will step in the ring tomorrow night. floyd is guarantee $32 million for this bout. $32 million. their is the official weigh down
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uncomfortably close. guerro is ready to shock the world. >> it's time to rock and roll, man! when we get in the ring, it's on. that is it. i come from a pox go family. it's in my blood. i'm ready to go out there and do my best. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> $32 million, minimum. he will probably get two million. >> this would be a huge upset. >> he a like a 10-1 underdog. he won't beat floyd not for $32 million. >> up next, what makes this little girl one of smartest on the block. the block. >> you have t look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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wake up weather, red flag warning going for the north bay hills until 3:00 p.m. temperatures will still be mild mainly in the 50s and 60s. before we go tonight we want to introduce you to a young lady that might save someone's life. >> the video has gone viral. the baby gives chest compressions. >> she must have watched someone practice because she breaths air into the dummies mouth even while holding its nose. >> quite impressive. that is this edition. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we continue tomorrow starting at 5:00 and we're available at abws


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